Be Italian

Summer of ‘98, my contract as a fragrance consultant is about to end, so I decided to go job hunting; but first I have to update my CV, and so I did. As for my interview attire, not so much as they always require you to show up in corporate attire. But I thought I need a pair of shoes. Across the shop from where I work, a moving out sale is happening. I checked it out. They all have everything Italian; from Versace, Gianfranco Ferre, Fendi, Valentino and other Italian luxury line, I was surprised for they are affordable.

 I got my first blue leather Italian shoes with a wooden sole. “Great choice” said the long legged woman who asked for my size. “ I always see you in Bibliotequé, do you work there?” To my embarrassment I said “No, I only go there during my break to browse their unique collections of usually coffee table books and magazines, which regrettably I never own a single copy, I love to work there, but they’re closing. So, I have to find another prospect employer, I consi…

Salesman's Journal

Entry 2

          Still inside Ana's villa, the fashion designer unabated, endlessly rummaging  through every cabinet in every room i surveyed to be safe. His head buried deep among clothes and lost among layers of plastic cover. "Could she be more specific?" he was interrupted by my resigned voice.
          He led me to a closed door and gesture to back him up as he reached for door knob and forcibly pushing it to reveal an empty center but walls were packed. To the left were stilettos of various colors properly placed on shelves; sparkling bejeweled ones were occupying two upper shelves; high heeled shoes adorned with ruffles, ribbons and bows were charmingly displayed as they would in store counters. Simple red, blue and translucent glass stilettos ( or so i thought it was glass) sat at an interval with basic black.

 Below them were boxes labeled Blahnik, Ferragamo and Cavalli among others. Ana the model didn't know clogs, sneakers and flats do exists altogethe…

Salesman's Journal- The Fashion Designer

Entry 1

          The fashion designer lives lavishly in Philippines' financial district. I felt like the notion of living normally is not possible for him. They had privilege of the rich who got money to burn but this one had their wealth from various businesses which grew from decades of hard work; an old rich so it's unwise for them to burn money.
          One day, fashion designer and I were walking endlessly and he saw a paper article with photo of one of his former model turned antiques and art dealer. The article caught our attention as the model we can call Ana was photographed with the perfume flask which once belong to him. The writer tackled issues of why she shifted suddenly at the height of her career. Ana would say a lot of models do that, citing her model friends who became an actress and a lot others went to pursue singing career and other arts.
          The article featured her vast collections of arts and antiques which the writer elaborately discussed wit…

The Quest

Hunting for your next great reads this summer is not only tiresome; I mean, you'll get lost browsing the net. A voracious reader can easily get lost but let's narrow it down. I always go to the Best Selling section( please note that my reading habit is not limited to Bestsellers) Once there, you still need to narrow down your search because each one is competing for your attention; and voracious reader that you are, you have the tendency to buy the whole rack. We don't want that because trash is everywhere really. Narrow it further to what piqued your interest at the moment. In my case, I am rooting for Dan Brown’s new book Origin. So I perused on every word right to the very end of its synopsis and felt delighted having found something to look forward to. I have the feeling Origin will have me properly acquainted with modern art as Brown's previous bestsellers had me being more appreciative of classic arts. I am always hunting for some treasures and make a …

Heaven Sent

Heaven is so elusive; an abstract concept Metaphysics could only explore. Nevertheless, people throughout ages had come to define Heaven dependent of the reality they are in. Defining Heaven varies widely relative to religion, culture and of different civilizations. Some suggested, it is a physical realm for God and had several planes of Hierarchical Order for Angels. Some suggested Heaven is a highest mental state one achieved through spiritual journey. A journey which one progresses as he reaches different levels of mental state. The highest of which is the Nirvana. The Heaven.
          No matter how one define Heaven; be it of physical or of spiritual sphere, it seems to me that Heaven is so elusive; though it has levels; it is not of General admission per se. Finding Heaven is a journey one spends in a lifetime. Aeon ago, there were evidences across different cultures and religions; people built stairways to Heaven. It sounds familiar? Yes, you've heard of it. The Tower of Ba…

Side View- Super Perspective

Side View
Super Perspective By: Jeferson L. Beluso                                                             

          There are two sides in every story; let us hope it is so for most of the stories I happened to pick up was told in one perspective; mostly by the protagonist’s perspective. It was so convenient to know their fears, to sympathized with their struggles, to be with them in their every quest; we follow their dreams and aspirations. We pursue their task as if it is our own happiness to overcome them. We know them very much that we fell in love with them. We hate their enemies that  we wanted to take part in their battle and we wanted to kill their enemies ourselves and we soak in their glories as if it is our

          But would you feel the same if you’ve heard or knew their enemies’s side of the story? It was painful not to be heard or hadn’t given the chance to explain. Too much had written about them but it told only of their evil doing. Their grim doings had…


by: Jeferson Legaspi Beluso
          As a kid, I always do things as I was told. Yes, I was the one whom the teacher left the classroom and told not to touch the food and I wouldn’t touch despite most of the class having their fingers splayed the coveted foodies. Teenage years went on with the mantra- obey your mother and grandparents and do your homework, do your chores and the poor boy had to take responsibility eyeing for the promised reward. So there goes the rules that one day you’ll be doing it with eyes closed. You master the rules simply by following and doing it religiously.
         Then came High School- rules still applies but High School is another world set up by Legion of Saints and Devil’s advocates. There would be Rockstars,Beauty Queens, Schadenfreud scattered brain. There are new set of rules, new challenges set up by some unforeseeable forces and that I, the meek one who got stuck up couldn’t follow new rules. But wait a minute, are they the same people in my prim…